We are all called to initiate involvement in each other’s lives… We covenant together to work and pray for unity, to walk together in love, to exercise care and watchfulness over each other, to faithfully admonish and entreat one another as occasion may require, to assemble together, to pray for each other, to rejoice and to bear with each other, and to pray for God’s help in all this.
— Mark Dever


We value joining together for Christ-Centred encouragement, accountability, love and intimacy. This is expressed in the following areas:

  1. Personal fellowship with the Father, shown through the act of worship as we give of ourselves and our resources.
  2. Marriage and Family.
  3. Intimacy and accountability with each other, following the ‘as iron sharpens iron’ principle.
  4. Loving each other through individual, CORE Group, and corporate acts of service.
  5. Developing hospitality as a way of life, particularly to those outside of God’s redeemed community.

We don't 'do' church - we 'be' the church

Though we hold events, events don't define us as a church. As such, we seek to find ways of living life with one another in a way that will glorify God, demonstrate His grace, and encourage other Christians to persevere in the faith.

We encourage the 'priest-hood of all believers' through active participation in church life and creating environments for people to develop and use their God given gifts and abilities.