When a preacher preaches with joy (in the midst of) suffering, the people will see Christ for the infinite value that He is, and, seeing, will cherish Him above all things and thus be changed from one degree of glory to the next. The glory of God will be magnified in the church and in the world, and the great aim of preaching will be achieved.
— John Piper


We value living in light of the authority of God's Word. This is expressed by our teaching being:

  1. True to it own intent
  2. Accessible and relevant
  3. Challenging and instructive
  4. Equipping in nature and applicable to life
  5. Profitable for building up the body of Christ

Sunday Morning

Our primary corporate teaching environment is during our Sunday morning service. We highly value the role of God's Word, and believe that it is the literal breath of God which, empowered by the Spirit of God, is the means by which we are slowly transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ. As such, the teaching time in our gatherings holds a significant proportion of out time and emphasis. You should expect an average of 45 minutes for our preaching and teaching.

Sunday mornings are also when we provide appropriate environments for our children to explore the Bible and discover the Gospel in a way that is engaging and clear. This happens concurrently with our adult teaching time and is staffed by appropriately qualified volunteers.

Small Groups

We also enthusiastically encourage our members to join with other people regularly in order to further explore how they can apply the truth of God's Word on a daily basis.


As required, we also hold specific training and equipping on various areas of life and service to help build up the body for profitable ministry.