In the beginning

During the mid 1970's, a few people who were worshipping as a part of an Open Brethren church in the Shortland area of Newcastle, felt God place before them a vision for reaching the families of Raymond Terrace. So not really knowing what would happen, or how that would happen, these few people took the few skills and gifts God had given them and did what they could.

They began meeting weekly with a bunch of kids to show them the love of Christ, telling them the life-changing message of the Gospel. Many of these children decided that they too wanted to follow Jesus. Over time, whole families had been reached and discipled with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Just keep going

This small group of new Christians needed a place to meet together and grow. So the core group of leaders, with the new disciples, prayed earnestly that God would show them what they should do. The answer came back, "Just keep going", and that's what they've done from that day to this. They've met in homes, schools, and even RSL halls. But no matter where they met, they just kept going; sharing the love of Christ, and proclaiming the words of Christ wherever they went.

A permanent home

With the church growing, we needed somewhere to better serve the needs of the community. In 1990, that need was met. Through the generosity of other Christians, we were able to secure a block of land in our current location that we hoped God could use to establish a testimony in the heart of Raymond Terrace. Our first building was the old weatherboard Catholic Church hall. When that was outgrown, a larger structure was built that we continue to meet in today.

Some things never change

We've seen lots of changes. But some things never change.

We have never lost sight of that original vision. Raymond Terrace still needs to be transformed by the life changing, gloriously radical message of the Gospel.

We still see hundreds of children pass through our doors and hear that Jesus loves them, and this we know, for the Bible tells us so.

Raymond Terrace still needs Jesus. And until that is no longer the case, by God's grace and purpose, we will still be here. Showing the love of God. Proclaiming the word of God.