Acts: How To Discern The Will Of God

Did you know that God actually wants you to know his will? Too often we approach the topic of 'Knowing God's Will' as though God was playing some divine game of 'Hide & Seek' with us. 

Acts has much to teach us on this subject, so join us this Sunday as Steve walks us through Acts 1:12-26 and gleans some important principles in how you can be confident of God's will in your life.

Acts: A Story of Gospel Subversion

The story of the book of Acts is really a story of the Gospel, or more accurately, it is a story of the power of Jesus at work in the world through his people and his word. The story of Acts is our story. Though our church was founded only a few decades ago, its roots sink back to the first century, to a dozen men and a handful of women, and to the most world shaking events in history.

Our study of Acts should inspire fresh hope in the gospel, that what God did through it over the course of three decades should shape the way we continue gospel work today. The first disciples were accused of turning the world upside down (Acts 17:6), I could think of no better objective for us to have than that. Acts is a story of a peaceful takeover, a gospel subversion.

Our objective is to raise up a new generation of disciples who are equipped for a life of gospel subversion, a mission to the turn the world upside down for Jesus.