Aaron Daniell

Promise Land Living

Key Text: Joshua 5:1-15

Aaron continues our series in Joshua with a challenge to view our discipleship through the lens of ‘bondage’, ‘wilderness’, and ‘promised land’. No longer in captivity, God’s people have wandered for 40 years, now they stand on the brink of the promise God has given. What would it require to enter? What would they need to cut away? What would they need to embrace?

Chair Three: The Worker

“Jesus recognised that people were at different stages in the disciple-making journey, and that was okay. He started where people were and intentionally moved them to a deeper level of growth and maturity. He started with seeker (Chair 1) and then moved them to believers (Chair 2). In time, he challenged these believers to become workers in the harvest field (Chair 3) and, finally, fully trained reproducing disciple-makers (Chair 4).” — Dann Spader

Join us this week as we unpack the context of Chair 3, then explore the ministry principles we need to understand in helping us to grow as believers.