Chris Thomas

Thanksgiving and Prayer

Key Text: Colossians 1:3-12

Do you want faith to increase? Do you want love to increase? Do you want these traits to be so fragrant in your life that it gives off an aroma that can be smelt 1000’s of kms away? Then dig into the gospel. Savour it. Meditate on it. Give your whole heart and mind to it. Grapple with the grace of God shown to us in Christ. That’s what the Colossians did, and faith and love blossomed into something that couldn’t be ignored.

Jesus: It's All About Him

Key Text: Colossians 1:1-2

We can take a serious clue to the direction of this book by Paul’s customary introduction. The remainder of Paul’s letter addresses the confidence that we can have, that both grace and peace come only from God and are poured out on us through Christ.

This book will present Jesus as more than sufficient to overcome all, even our sin—that we are at the mercy of a powerful God, but that rather then tremble in fear, seeking a way to placate an angry God, instead we can be confident that God’s mercy toward us is poured out as grace in Jesus Christ the victor.

This confidence in the grace of God brings peace. Though we search for it in a thousand places in a thousand ways, peace can only ever be truly found in a relationship with the victorious Jesus and the grace he brings.

The Real Us

Key Text: Hosea 13:1-16

We must take these warnings seriously. Hosea stood as a prophet of God, the pain of loss and unfaithfulness etched in his own heart, and speaks not only to his people, but us as well.

  • Our hearts can become proud. We often forgot God. God is like a lion, he will tear us down along with our idols.

  • What image of God have we created in our own mind? A safe one? Or a true one? Remember, he isn’t safe, but he is good.

  • What earthly saviours are we looking to, or will be look to our only rescuer?

  • Beware the promises of sin. They offer life but deliver death.

  • Death is certain. But thanks be to God, it isn’t the end of the story. Hope is found in Christ, he is mighty to save, he will ransom, he will redeem.