The Sermon on the Mount Intro

Key Text: Matthew 5:1-2, 20

The Sermon on the Mount, possibly the greatest and most recognisable sermon of all time.

Join us this Sunday as we launch our new series with our guest speaker, Tim McLaughlin. Tim is a full-time Teaching Elder with President Avenue Community Church in the southern suburbs of Sydney. Tim's vast experience with this topic will help us start this journey on the right foot.

As an introduction to this series, Tim recently said, "So the effect of the preaching of the Sermon is two-fold: First, it humbles us. Humbles us because it continually confronts us with the extraordinary 'righteousness' that Jesus requires of his children... Yet the Sermon and its righteousness also inspires us. Inspires, because all that Jesus requires of us, he is. And, all that he is, he gives. Therefore, when he calls us into partnership with the Spirit he does so to make his righteousness our reality."

Join us as we begin a journey that may just change your life.