While our emphasis is on 'people and relationships' over 'programs and schedules', church life is still rather busy.

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church gathered

We love to gather as the church. Every Sunday at 9.30am the church comes together so that we may be encouraged in our walk with Jesus, and equipped to represent Him in the world we live in. All ages and backgrounds are considered as we meet, with specific environments created to help each person grow in Christ. You'd be welcome to join us.

The ministry team that serve our children use material produced by the Gospel Project as they shepherd kids to consider the big story of the Bible and how it impacts their lives.

Church Sent

We believe that 'church' is more than a building or an event. We are the church 24/7. Many of our members are actively seeking to impact their neighbours and colleagues with the good news of the gospel day in and day out. In addition to this, we also run a number of activities designed to help others engage with our message of hope in a way that's safe and accepting.


Playzone is a ministry to parents and carers of children from 0 - 5 years old. They meet every Monday morning at 9.45am during school terms. Playzone is a fun-filled program filled with music, craft, free play and structured activities. There is plenty of time for parents and carers to connect with each other and enjoy a great morning out.


Dynamite is an after-school kids program based on Biblical principles and organised activities. They meet every Friday afternoon at 3.30pm during school terms. Dynamite is a high energy afternoon for Primary School children from Year 3 - 6 that supports their growing minds and bodies by introducing them to healthy ways of interacting with each other and the world around them.


Ignite is a ministry to the youth of Raymond Terrace. They meet every Friday evening during school terms. Ignite has a number of programs that run, each catering for various needs of the Teens who come. A youth discipleship group meets every second Sunday afternoon for a more detailed consideration of the Bible and how it impacts our lives. Then every Friday evening (during the school term) they meet from 7.30pm to 9pm, for a fun night of activities, food, and a discussion about how God impacts our lives. More information can be found by contacting the church office.


There are many other activities and events that run through the week, from those that attend our local schools to teach children Scripture, our Kids Hope mentoring program, chaplaincy, as well as the wide range of fellowship groups that meet, you will find that there is something that you could be involved in. We also have a number of mid-week Bible Study groups that meet on various days and evenings to encourage each other in God's Word and support each other through life.

More information can be found by calling our office on 02 4983 1889 or requesting information from admin@rtcc.org.au