Tim Blatch

Chair Two: The Believer

“Jesus recognised that people were at different stages in the disciple-making journey, and that was okay. He started where people were and intentionally moved them to a deeper level of growth and maturity. He started with seeker (Chair 1) and then moved them to believers (Chair 2). In time, he challenged these believers to become workers in the harvest field (Chair 3) and, finally, fully trained reproducing disciple-makers (Chair 4).” — Dann Spader

Join us this week as we unpack the context of Chair 2, then explore the ministry principles we need to understand in helping us to grow as believers.

The Story Isn't Over

Key Text: Acts 28:17-31

As we draw to a close our series in Acts, join us for the surprisingly anti-climatic ending to the book. It has a real, 'to be continued' feel about it, doesn't it? Don't be alarmed, the book of Acts might have ended here, but the story continues.

Join us as we reflect on Luke's closing account of Paul's life as he sits under house arrest in Rome.  It seems fitting that Luke began his account with the gospel of the Kingdom taking centre stage, and now at the end, we find Paul proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom. The story isn't over. The King is coming. Let's write the next chapter.

God has a plan

Key Text: Matthew 1:1-17

Why would the first book in the New Testament start with a whole list of names rather than dive straight into the story of Jesus?  What do these names listed here say about the Christmas Story?  Today we look at Matthew 1 and be encouraged that we can trust a Sovereign God who had a plan in place for the Messiah to come, and He has a plan also for you and I.