The Real Us

Key Text: Hosea 13:1-16

We must take these warnings seriously. Hosea stood as a prophet of God, the pain of loss and unfaithfulness etched in his own heart, and speaks not only to his people, but us as well.

  • Our hearts can become proud. We often forgot God. God is like a lion, he will tear us down along with our idols.

  • What image of God have we created in our own mind? A safe one? Or a true one? Remember, he isn’t safe, but he is good.

  • What earthly saviours are we looking to, or will be look to our only rescuer?

  • Beware the promises of sin. They offer life but deliver death.

  • Death is certain. But thanks be to God, it isn’t the end of the story. Hope is found in Christ, he is mighty to save, he will ransom, he will redeem.