The Story Isn't Over

Key Text: Acts 28:17-31

As we draw to a close our series in Acts, join us for the surprisingly anti-climatic ending to the book. It has a real, 'to be continued' feel about it, doesn't it? Don't be alarmed, the book of Acts might have ended here, but the story continues.

Join us as we reflect on Luke's closing account of Paul's life as he sits under house arrest in Rome.  It seems fitting that Luke began his account with the gospel of the Kingdom taking centre stage, and now at the end, we find Paul proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom. The story isn't over. The King is coming. Let's write the next chapter.

The Journey To Jerusalem: and the cost of following Jesus

Key Text: Acts 20:36—21:16

When Paul finally tears away from his friends on the beach at Miletus, it marked the beginning of the end of Luke's record of the church's expansion through the Roman Empire. The story wasn't over, but in a relatively short time, Paul's part of the story would be. Join us this week as we reflect on the journey to Jerusalem and consider the cost of following Jesus.

All The More

Key Text: Acts 20:1-12

When we gather, there is more happening than meets the eye. This week as we continue our series through Acts, we explore what drove Paul to continually invest in others through encouragement, and the role that the gathered community of Christ plays in that.

"We must encourage one another constantly. Our hearts are fickle; sin never sleeps; Satan is at work; and the gospel is of first importance. — Tony Merida"